Bathroom Ideas UK

Updating a bathroom can be a stressful experience, there are so many product options out there it can be hard to know where to begin and how to maximise the space available.

Our team have been designing bathroom spaces for years and we know how to make the most of the space and budget available.  Simply send us a plan and let us make the decision process a pleasant experience.

Small Bathroom Ideas

After the kitchen, the bathroom can be one of the most expensive and daunting rooms to re-design in a home.  If you have a small space its important to consider the products, design and accessories at the design stage so you get it right first time.  The key things to consider for a small space are; wall & floor finishes, lighting, storage, wall hung sanitary ware and furniture.

Our design team have the expertise and resources to turn even the smallest of space into a inspirational and practical space.

Family Bathrooms

When it comes to planning a family bathroom there are some important things to consider –  size, layout and how the space will be used by each member of your family.  Most households today, covet a shower for efficiency yet the bath remains a steadfast item for many family bathrooms, it is for this reason that the size of your bathroom is crucial in what can be specified and how the space can be used most effectively.

Our team will consider what products are essential for your bathroom, practical solutions and how they can best use the space without compromising on the design

Luxury Bathrooms

It is possible to create a luxury bathroom, whether you have a small or large space.  Whether you prefer a classic marble finish, patterns or a statement colour, a luxury bathroom is all about choosing the right materials, colour scheme, lighting and accessories.

Product is key to giving your bathroom a luxurious feel, consider free standing baths, classic chrome finishes and double vanity units for a statement look.  We have access to wide and varied range of products ideally suited for creating that luxurious space to start and end your day.  Head over to the project page to start your free design journey.

Picking the right tiles for the floor and wall can make or break a bathroom, there are so many shapes, patterns and colours to choose from, it can be hard to know where to begin.

So your dream bathroom is complete and it’s time to add the accessories.  It can be overwhelming dressing a bathroom, you need to consider your style, practicality and theme.  Below are a few helpful tips from our design team; 

  • Put personal belongings away – the easiest way to make a bathroom look stylish and modern is to put your personal products away in your new storage
  • Choose your accessories carefully – shop around and if possible take a sample of your tiles/paint out with you, you want to purchase accessories that either match or complement your colour scheme.  Also think about the toiletries you buy and the colour of the packaging, if it won’t work invest in luxury products and re-use the containers, alternatively purchase glass jars.
  • Add metallic – if you want to create a luxury look, incorporate some gold or metallic accents
  • Update your towels – freshly laundered towels on display in a bathrooms combined with a small basket of rolled up flannels gives any space a ‘luxury hotel’ look
  • Candles – A window ledge is and ideal space for displaying candles but if you haven’t got one you can use the ledge of a bath or add in a small shelf.  Silver and glass candle holders/jars will work well with any colour scheme and if you want a stylish look, group them together.  They’ll also create a perfect ambience for a relaxing bath
  • Fresh flowers – It’s easy to neglect the bathrooms when it comes to placing flowers but they are fantastic at creating a natural, elegant feel which can instantly lift your mood
  • Wall Art – Don’t neglect your bathroom walls, they are a perfect back drop for some art.  Pay careful consideration to the colour scheme and mix and match frame sizes for a modern look.

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