Choosing a tap for your contemporary bathroom

Posted by on Jan 26, 2017 in Inspiration, Knowledgebase, News
Choosing a tap for your contemporary bathroom
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You might consider a bathroom tap something of an afterthought when it comes to bathroom design – something silvery from which water flows. However there are a huge variety of taps now available and what you choose can really accentuate your bathroom. Take a look at these stunning contemporary taps that all offer something a little different…

Wonderful Wall-Mounted Taps


Wall-mounted taps like this Tempus basin mixer from Saneux offer a clean and contemporary look and feel but it’s not all about aesthetics with wall-mounted taps (though they do look great). Consider the extra space that will be available on your basin-side or countertop if your taps are wall mounted. There’s more room for scented candles and decorative soaps – and less space for irritating soap scum to slide into and get stuck – and that means less cleaning. This delicately curved tap offers makes a subtle statement in the modern bathroom. Simply lift and twist the handle to achieve the perfect water temperature.

Solid Square Taps


Traditional tap sets tend to include separate hot and cold taps. Mixer taps allow you to set the perfect temperature which is ideal if you don’t want to fill the basin to wash your hands. This particular model, the Tenza 3 tap hole basin set – boasts a strong, square design that exudes style.

Fabulous Freestanding Taps


If you’re looking for something seriously showstopping, a freestanding tap is the way to go. This works wonderfully when teamed up with a freestanding bath but is equally appealing next to a standard bath. The square design of the Saneux Mercury floor standing bath shower mixer is again extremely stylish, and the shower function eliminates the problem of rinsing your hair in a freestanding bath.

Browse our range of stunning taps for further examples or talk to the team at Virtual Bathrooms for help when selecting your new taps.


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