3 Simple Steps To A Cleaner Bathroom

Posted by on Feb 1, 2017 in Inspiration, Knowledgebase, News
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3 steps to a cleaner bathroom

There’s nothing like mold and mildew to ruin the ambiance in your bathroom, and toothpaste spatters and stubble in the sink kill tranquil vibes in a flash. Everyone likes a clean bathroom, but lets face it, getting down to the dirty work is no ones’ idea of fun. So at the time of year when we all start throwing off the cobwebs in anticipation of the scent of spring, here are a few cleaning tips that, while they are unlikely to make bathroom cleaning a joy, can make the whole process a little less arduous.

The problem: Water marks on chrome

The simple solution: Lemon 

Chrome looks simply gorgeous in the home and for that reason it is extremely popular, but unfortunately it’s easily marked with water spots which can be a bit of a pain to eliminate using your usual cleaning products. However, there is one very simple way to get rid of water spots on stainless steel… simply slice open a lemon and rub it on your chrome fixtures. It’s like magic and will quickly rid your bathroom chrome of unsightly marks.

The problem: Streaky mirrors and shower screens

The simple solution: Vinegar and a microfibre cloth

If your mirror is plagued by streaks it can be extremely irritating – the good news is that it’s a problem that can be resolved. In days gone by it was common practice to clean a mirror using newspaper but these days that’s unlikely to give a great result due to the changes in inks used for printing. Fortunately, by using a solution of 1 part white vinegar to 4 parts water and cleaning the window using a microfibre cloth or chamois, you can eliminate streaks.

The problem: Mould Growth

The simple solution: Air your bathroom

Mould loves warm, damp places, so while it might not completely prevent black spots appearing in your grout and sealant, airing your bathroom will certainly slow the process down. First and foremost, open a window in your bathroom after you take a bath or shower. If possible during your shower turn on an extractor fan to allow air to circulate. This will allow the steam to escape and cool your bathroom down more quickly, hindering the growth of any mould.

Bathrooms can be beautiful as well as functional, so use these simple tips to ensure your bathroom stays stunning for longer. These simple tips will help your new bathroom stay sparkling for longer. Got any tips? Why not let us know your bathroom cleaning hacks in the comments below?


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