Contemporary Showers. Get The Look

Posted by on Mar 30, 2017 in Inspiration, Knowledgebase
Contemporary Showers. Get The Look
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If you’re blessed with enough space in your bathroom for a separate shower, why not make the most of it. You might think that all it takes to create a contemporary shower is your choice of tiling, however there’s more to it that that. Let’s explore…

The shower tray


Traditionally, shower trays are heavy trays with noticeable lips that contain the water. However, modern showers are seamless in their appearance, boasting only a tiny “lip” so there is very little difference between floor level and shower tray, and less to stub your toes on.

You also have the option of no shower tray – instead creating a wetroom environment using products like Dukkaboard to waterproof the area. This sleek look is very popular in contemporary styled homes.

The shower screen


Again we’re looking at no lines and edges when it comes to the shower screen. Frameless shower enclosures allow¬†for light and design to flow freely throughout the bathroom giving the apperance of space even in a more compact room.

The concealed shower


There’s nothing more refreshing of invigorating than a shower – whether you want to wake up in the morning or hose off after a session at the gym. Contemporary showers continue in the same vein as screens and trays – they are concealed, offering a “barely there” design. All unsightly pipework is concealed behind the bathroom wall, creating a streamlined appearance that’s easy to clean.

Create your ideal contemporary shower environment using products from Virtual Bathrooms’ extensive portfolio. If you can find what you’re looking for please give us a call to discuss your unique requirements.

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