Toilets. Bog standard and beyond

Posted by on May 31, 2017 in Inspiration, Knowledgebase
Toilets. Bog standard and beyond
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If you’re looking for a new bathroom you’re probably planning to invest in a brand new loo and on first glance you might feel slightly overwhelmed by the options on offer. If you’re staring at a veritable sea of white porcelain and wondering what’s the difference between all the options, you’re not the first. That’s why we’ve compiled this handy guide to choosing your new loo.

Traditional toilet


The traditional toilet has everything on show. You can see the pipes exiting at the back of the loo and the cistern is visible too. The pros of this sort of loo generally lie in the price tag. You’ll find they are among the cheaper options. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a period piece for your bathroom, you’ll find traditional toilets with all sorts of fancy details to add to the overall ambience of the room. The cons of the traditional toilet are that they can be more difficult to clean due to the visible pipes at the back which create nooks and crannies that gather dust. However this can be resolved by boxing them in. And some people do like the ease of access to the plumbing should it be necessary.

Close coupled toilets


Close coupled toilets are a slightly more modern option – and they are ideal for anyone who doesn’t fancy cleaning pipes. Close coupled toilets conceal the pipes behind the loo making cleaning easier and providing a more streamlined look and feel to the bathroom. You will find close coupled toilets in lots of styles and sizes – with both round and square varieties on offer depending upon your preference. With a close coupled toilet you will notice that the cistern is still visible.

Back to wall toilets


Back to wall toilets are a neat and tidy option where the cistern is concealed behind the wall or inside a specially designed cabinet. These toilets are the next step in modernity and provide a contemporary feel to the bathroom. You’ll need to purchase the concealed cistern kit as well as a toilet with these loos, which can be more costly, and you’ll need to consider installation fees which will likely be increased because of the amount of time it takes to fit. The benefits of back to wall toilets are, once again, easy cleaning, as well as the minimal footprint they take up in the bathroom. When the cistern is concealed inside a wall the toilet doesn’t protrude as much, making this the ideal solution for compact bathrooms.

Wall hung toilets


The wall hung toilet is the epitome of bathroom thrones in terms of both style and functionality. Its concealed cistern and pipes give the bathroom a sleek finish and in terms of cleaning it’s a dream – no base to mop around or behind, just a swish of a mop and you’re done. Note that you’ll need to purchase a compatible wall mounted toilet frame along with your toilet, as once again, consider the increased time and cost of fitting.

We hope you find this guide to toilets helpful. Please contact the team at Virtual Bathrooms on 0161 241 6699 for further information and assistance when selecting your new loo.

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