The bathroom is often one of the smallest rooms in the house and it isn’t always possible to knock through or make the room bigger.  To maximise the space, use some of the tips below.

At Virtual Bathrooms, our design team can make the most of the space no matter how small the room is, you can send us a plan of your bathroom and we’ll get one of our team to maximise the space free of charge.

Free up floor space

You may think that using wall hung items in your bathroom takes up the same amount of space, however freeing up your floor space creates an illusion of space.  Wall hung items such as a vanity unit or WC are not just stylish but they also make it easier to clean the floor in your bathroom too.

Walk In Shower

Firstly, a walk in shower is a great place to start for any bathroom transformation as it creates an open and spacious feel to your bathroom. With a small bathroom, you may be rightly concerned how a walk in shower would fit.

Combine Your Bath And Shower

If a walk in shower isn’t your preference, the perfect choice for a bathroom transformation is a shower-bath and bath screen. Giving you the best of both worlds.

Clever Storage Solutions

There are plenty of wall hung storage units out there but if you are struggling for space a good solution is a mirrored bathroom cabinet.  There are lots of options available but if you really want to make an impact a good solution is to choose an option with built in lighting.


It sounds simple but one of the most cost effective ways to make your bathroom appear bigger is to add plenty of lighting.

It’s important to consider exactly how your bathroom lighting is positioned. If light is shining from above, this casts a shadow on your face, ultimately giving an ageing affect. However, a light that is shining directly on your face portrays you much better and shows you in your true light!